epistemic perspectives

Informing engineering from the cognitive sciences

A DDOS attack on the mind

Metaphorical mental DDOS

The recent media and news cycle has gotten so short that we no longer have time to process the goings on in the world and respond to them before something else happens.

We are effectively paralyzed by the amount of incoming activity demanding our attention and we can no longer act as citizens to ensure a fair and just society.

There are so many attacks that by the time we can respond to one, another has occurred.

There are so many lies that we do not have the resources to investigate them.

There is so much hate that we do not take the time to understand where it comes from.

The solution is to coordinate and distribute our efforts. Effective responses to problems come from planning and coordination and these things require focus. Since this cognitive DDOS attack is destroying our focus, we need to fight it by increasing the persistence of these issues and our approaches to them in our collective awareness. We need to focus on the root causes, and solid long-term solutions. We need to plan.

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