epistemic perspectives

Informing engineering from the cognitive sciences


This page contains those projects of mine that are sufficiently developed to go forth into the world.

I want these ideas to see the light of day and to flirt with others’ minds. These interactions will either obviate their weaknesses or make them stronger–both of which represent progress.

Feel free to cite these projects and papers, to comment on them, and to offer your thoughts and criticism.



Modeling Heart Rate and Activity Data for Personalized Fitness Recommendation (International World Wide Web Conference 2019)

Interactive Communicative Inference (Proceedings of the Cognitive Science Society 2017)

A minimal parsimonious model of pragmatic comprehension (Master’s Thesis)

Pragmatic coordination on context via definite reference (abstract) with Christopher Potts, Michael Frank, and Roger Levy (XPRAG 2015)

Auditing the Auditor’s Economy

Reconciling the Physical and the Phenomenal (Undergraduate Thesis)

Perspectival free will

A pilot experiment on interactive communicative inference

The Gettier problem

A reinterpretation of Searle’s Chinese Room

Shelling with Uncertainty

Building Human-centric Models


Programming Projects

CSP-based minesweeper solver

Kahonen maps simulation

Spike time reliability simulations

Memory augmentation for writing

Church simulation for interactive communicative inference

PyChurch script

Code for my javascript experimental interface

Code for context coordination models

Code for A minimal parsimonious model of pragmatic comprehension

Brain-computer interface for focus improvement while working (IEEE BCI Hackathon Entry)

Contextual LSTMs for Modeling Workout Data

Omnidirectional Learning for Collaborative Filtering


*Unlinked projects will be added shortly